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Easing The Burden Of Probate And Estate Administration

Pennsylvania probate is no simple matter. The will of a loved one may be incomplete. Or, beneficiaries and heirs may contest a will, creating a lengthy and expensive process for you and your family. When you face the stress of probate complications, an experienced probate attorney can make a big difference in the settlement of your loved one’s estate.

The time following the death of a loved one should not be filled with the stress and paperwork of probate and estate administration. I can help. I am attorney Alan Natalie, and I have practiced probate and estate administration law in Erie since 1989. I offer free consultations across all practice areas.

Experienced Legal Guidance During A Difficult Time

In a case where there is no representative named on a loved one’s will, the court will appoint a representative. This person inventories all assets, pays bills, such as final taxes, funeral expenses and creditors, and distributes the leftover assets. There are also assets that, according to Pennsylvania probate law, skip the probate process. These assets include:

  • Life insurance policies
  • Retirement accounts
  • Bank accounts with payable or transfer on death clauses
  • Living trust properties

However, even assets that skip probate can bring their own complexities. What’s more, estate administration comes with fiduciary duties that may be difficult to understand. I can explain these responsibilities and help guide you to ensure fulfillment of these legal obligations.

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