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College students must understand how to fight DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

With the presence of college students in the community, there are plenty opportunities for ill-timed and ill-conceived actions causing detrimental outcomes. One of those involves drinking and driving. An arrest on a DUI charge can prove to be a big-time obstacle for a college student. A conviction can be even worse.

Losing your driving privileges, incarceration, steep fines, losing scholarships and expulsion from school are among some of potential penalties facing a college student convicted of DUI. Your future may hang in the balance, so you must do your best to fight these charges in hopes of getting them reduced or dismissed.

The inaccuracy of breathalyzers

Law enforcement must follow strict protocol in any arrest and dealings with members of the public. And, sometimes, overzealous or inexperienced law enforcement officers make mistakes during an arrest. Here are some of the reasons for which you may overcome a DUI charge:

  • No presence of probable cause: Law enforcement officers must have reasonable suspicion to pull over a driver for DUI. They just cannot do so because of the way you look or the type of car you drive.
  • Faulty reading from a breathalyzer: While these devices are meant to measure blood alcohol content (BAC), they sometime malfunction providing inaccurate readings. The same may hold true if an arresting officer has been improperly training in how to operate the device.
  • Health issues that mimic symptoms of DUI: People who suffer from diabetes and epilepsy may exhibit symptoms of drunkenness.
  • Not reading the Miranda rights: An arresting officer must read them to you. These are the rights that protect you from self-incrimination and in hiring an attorney.

You worked hard to get enrolled in your college. Now, one mistake threatens your future and whether you can even stay on campus anymore. Understand your rights, protect and fight for them and work with a skilled legal advocate.